December 15th

[edit] Netscape Navigator

On this day in 1994, the boom started with the release of Netscape Navigator.

[edit] Mersene #43

And, on this day in 2005, a distributed prime number program found the 43rd known Mersene prime. Mersene primes are powers of 2 minus 1. It's a big number: 230,402,457-1, which is 9,152,052 digits long. The 44th Mersene prime has been found since.

[edit] L.L. Zamenhof

Finally, today in 1859, L.L Zamenhof was born. Zamenhof invented Esperanto, an artificial human language that doesn't have any of the worts of "evolved" languages. There are supposedly 2 million speakers around the world. In L.L.'s honor, here is "hello world" in Esperanto, written in C++, another invented (non-human) language:

int main(){
std::cout << "Saluton mondo!" << endl;
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