January 1st

[edit] .COM Top-level Domain

Today is the Birthday of the .COM top-level domain, born in 1985 on this date. The .NET, .ORG and 5 other TLD's were also born on this date.

The design of the DNS system has supported the incredible growth of the Internet since these humble beginnings.

To celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the first .COM domain, symbolics.com, here are some dotcom sites and facts:

1. A list of cool "long" domains, like: http://3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592.com/

2. It's hard to be sure, but it looks like sex.com is the most expensive domain name every sold (for which public information is available): $14,000,000 on January 19th, 2006.

3. Are all of the good domains taken? Apparently about 50,000,000 .COM names are taken. Here is an analysis.

[edit] © 2007, Jorge Monasterio

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