March 1st

[edit] Raid!

On this day in 1990, the secret service raided the offices of Steve Jackson Games, a small company specializing in board and (non-computer) role playing games. The raid turned out to be a mistake, but it led to the founding of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and to the first protections of online speech. Steve Jackson Games eventually won in court, but not before almost being driven into bankruptcy.

[edit] Punycode

And in 2004, according to Wikipedia, Punycode was adopted by several national Internet registrars. Punycode allows you to make URLs using non-ASCII characters, such as Chinese, Russian or even: http://www.✈.com/. It’s a bit like UTF8 encoding, but all ASCII. Several browsers support it. You can try an online encoder/decoder here.

[edit] Logo

Today in 1928 is the birthday of South African computer scientist, Seymour Papert. Papert founded the MIT Artificial Intelligence lab with Marvin Minsky. He’s well known for being the first proponent of using computers to help teach kids, which led to the LOGO computer language. Recently he’s been a part of the development of the LEGO Mindstorm robot toy (my son has one – very cool staff!).

Here is hello world, written in LOGO. Happy Birthday, Dr. Papert:

PRINT [Hello world]

(c) Jorge Monasterio, 2007

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